Our advisors are qualified to assess whether:
  • You can save money on your mortgage or pay it off early.
  • You can take full advantage of a flexible mortgage by incorporating overpayments in the future.
  • You continue to have the right mortgage for you and that it remains appropriate for your circumstances.

For many of us buying a house or Commercial property is the largest financial decision we will ever make and can also be the most stressful. However, mortgages are not always for those who want to move house. Whether buying, moving or improving your home we will confidently guide you through the "mortgage maze".

For those who already have a mortgage we can assess whether you are paying too much for your existing loan. With the increased flexibility conferred by modern mortgage packages simply re-mortgaging your property can make substantial savings. We can advise you on the most appropriate mortgage to suit your circumstances.

We can also help with specialist finance such as:

Commercial Finance

Our links with commercial lenders offer access to finance for property purchase,business expansion or acquisitions.We may even be able to re-negotiate the terms being offered by your existing lender.

Equity Release

Around 75% of 60-69 year olds own their home*, with practically the whole value constituting equity.

Releasing some of the potential tied up in bricks and mortar allows retired homeowners to provide for the future by making use of the value of the property in their lifetime.

Taking out an equity loan is an excellent use of an asset to allow people to enjoy their retirement free of concern about money and with the prospect of enjoying a holiday of a lifetime or a new car.

Equity release allows homeowners over sixty to release capital (equity) tied up in their homes by either regular withdrawals to supplement income,or lump sums for specific requirements . It is secured against the value of the property, allows the borrower peace of mind with the guarantee that their home is not at risk. This provides a simple and flexible solution to the prospect faced by many in retirement of being asset-rich but cash-poor.

*The Actuarial Profession, Report on Equity Release Mechanisms, January 2001

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